Star Trek

USS Ganymede


Dark before the Dawn

Posted on Sun Feb 9th, 2020 @ 4:17am by Commander Fynn Daros

Mission: 1 - Gaharey
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: Current

"Are we assembled?" Fynn asked, the moment the doors opened and he stepped out of the turbolift. Lieutenant Devereaux, padd in hand, fell into step beside the Commander as they headed in to the core of engineering.

"Yes sir, all senior engineering personnel are standing by."

The Chodai nodded, but didn't elaborate further; there was little point when explanations to everyone else was only a few seconds away anyway. The other officers and personnel were assembled around the main diagnostic display, with the hum of the warp core in the background, and they straightened as Fynn approached, and took position at the end of the console.

"The Devore Imperium," he stated, looking around at the gathered personnel. "First off, allow me to allay your fears; we are not expecting to go into battle with the Imperium; rather, our assignment is diplomatic, and extending an overture of peace."

There was a short pause before Devereaux spoke up. "...but?"

"We are travelling into their space, under their invitation," the Commander elaborated. "But, things can happen, and talks can break down. Those of us assembled here can leave the diplomacy to those better trained for it, and focus our efforts on the ship to make sure we're ready in the event things do turn sour." He straightened, looking each of the officers in the eye before continuing. "We have backup, but I don't believe they'll be on station with us, so if the worst happens, we'll be on our own while it begins. Tariss..." he nodded at a Bolian to his left. "You and Reka begin a full audit of the propulsion systems. If the captain wants us to haul ass out of Devore territory, I want every cochrane available that these engines are rated for, and a few extra millicochranes on top of that."

The Bolian exchanged looks with the cardassian across the table. "Yes sir."

"Ralae, go over the DOT-twelve repair drones. They're going to be our frontline defense if the hull starts taking damage, so make sure as many drones as possible are available to be fielded on a moment's notice."

The Romulan said nothing, but began entering notes into the holographic display of her padd.

"Wes, Cole, I'm leaving the shields and weapons to the two of you. Work closely with tactical, ensure any concerns they might have are addressed. None of us here want to learn that they pulled the trigger up on the bridge, and nothing happened."

Wes gave a soft snort. "No, assuming we survived, we'd never hear the end of it," he agreed.

The Commander hesitated for a moment as he remotely accessed the personnel roster and paired it with facial recognition as he drew a complete blank on the next name. "Stokir," he continued as the search results provided an ID. He was normally pretty good with names, but he hadn't yet had a chance to commit all the recent transfers to memory. "Work with flight operations, make sure all auxiliary craft are ready for operations, whether they be combat or otherwise. I'd like to see those two shuttles repaired, rearmed, and back in the racks by tomorrow. And once that's taken care of, I'd like you to perform an inventory of the cargo bays. Don't worry about the proper contents, that will all be in the database. I'm more concerned about the actual crates and shipping containers themselves -anything that does not contain dangerous contents- that could be fed back into the replicators for raw material. If we end up in a prolonged engagement, repairs and replacements will fall entirely on us, and if we don't have the opportunity to bring aboard any supplies in that time, then we need to make do with what we have."

"And if the engagement lasts long enough to exhaust the supplies we have onboard?" the Vulcan asked curiously.

"Then we improvise. Use tractors and transporters to bring aboard debris from outside the ship, even from derelict vessels if necessary. Above all however, we need to ensure we have one industrial replicator operational at all times. And if we lose them all, then we need to have enough spares in storage already to ensure we can build at least one from scratch."

"A reasonable precaution."

"And me, sir?" Devereaux asked. "What do you need me on?"

"You're with me, lieutenant. We'll be in the mission pod, working on the Plenary systems. If this mission takes a bad turn, we may need every ace up our sleeve that we can get." He sighed softly, thinking back over the last fifteen years of development that had gone into the system so far. "Assuming we can ever get it to work," he muttered under his breath. Then, louder, "All right. Anyone without an assignment, make yourselves available to whomever needs the manpower. Be sure to assist tactical and sciences as needed, and see to it that all damage control teams are prepped and standing by the moment we enter Devore spare." With a last look around at the officers, Daros nodded. "Dismissed."