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Posted on Mon Jan 20th, 2020 @ 6:54pm by Captain Autumn Darby-Holmes

Mission: 1 - Gaharey
Location: Ready Room - Deck 1
Timeline: MD 02 - 1920

"I think the underlying issue is that we have no idea what they actually want," Autumn said as she took a sip of her tea. "Granted, the Malon have given us some overtures, and it sounds like the Turei have their own suspicions as well, but..."

"The problem, Captain, is that we do know what they want," Admiral Tondro interrupted, folding her hands in her lap. "I apologize for playing my cards close to my chest, but...most of this was on a need to know basis. We didn't even know we were going in until I got the call about a day and a half ago. And I didn't get the specifics until just before this meeting."

Autumn nodded. She was used to the Admiralty only providing the basics of what she needed to know for any given mission, and with an Admiral on this mission, she expected that some of the salient details would be kept from her. Tondro had a reputation of being a shrewd but fair negotiator, and a keen diplomat.

"They want a trade agreement," Tondro continued. "Medical supplies, specifically."

"From the intel we have, they seem to have a technological level on par with the Federation, why would they want our medical supplies?"

"They specifically want to trade in medical supplies for empaths," Tondro replied. "Medicine and technology that we use to treat Betazoids, Vulcans, and the various other empathic species in the Federation. And before you ask the question: yes, I believe they want them for nefarious purposes."

"Then why..."

"Because I'm going to stick it to them in a way that they haven't experienced before," Tondro interrupted, raising her voice. "Of all the civilizations we've encountered that we can actually do something about, they're the outliers. They're the aggressors. They're engaging in the warfare of Genghis Khan out here. All of our overtures for a peaceful and prosperous Gradin Belt are thrown out the window if we let them continue what they're doing."

Sighing deeply, she continued, "And Autumn? They've only gotten better at it since Voyager encountered them. Scarily good at it. So, we're going to go in there, and if I can't bring them to heel diplomatically, I'll bring them to heel by force. So we're going to pretend to play nice. And when they get the supplies they so desperately want, they'll find they're getting more than they bargained for, if you catch my drift."

"I appreciate your candor, Admiral, but what about the Prime Directive?"

"Doesn't apply," Tondro responded. "And even if it did, I would throw it out the window for this. Some things...Autumn, some things are a moral imperative beyond the Prime Directive. Genocide being one of them. I need to know that you're onboard with this, and that your crew will be too."

"I don't believe that my crew will have any issues sticking it to a race of genocidal xenophobic warmongers...but Sir, we have to do this the right way, and we have to tell them the whole plan, or else this will go south, very very quickly."

Tondro nodded her agreement. Standing from the seat, she said, "Then I'll leave that to you. I'll send you the spec for the entire mission, and let you determine how to inform your crew."


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