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The Minds

Posted on Mon Jan 6th, 2020 @ 5:57pm by Captain Autumn Darby-Holmes & Commander Chewrath ch'Ghorev & Commander Fynn Daros & Lieutenant Commander Deneel Vochik & Lieutenant Akel Izavid & Senior Chief Petty Officer Eramas Jovan

Mission: 1 - Gaharey
Location: Conference Room Astraios - Deck 4
Timeline: MD 02 - 1700

"The Devore Imperium are..." Autumn sighed and looked around the room at her senior staff with a soft smile and a furrowed brow as she tried to finish the sentence. "We've all worked together for at least the last 2 years, I'm not going to mince words. They're just assholes. They're terrible xenophobes, and they go through the most twisted, gut-wrenching, backstabbing methods to wipe out their perceived enemies: in this case anyone with any small amount of empathic or psionic abilities."

Taking a deep breath, and a sip of her tea, she continued, "And we are going to either make friends with them, or bring them to heel. Preferably the former. But we can't let Starfleet's interests in the Delta Quadrant be at the mercy of a government hellbent on the genocide of an entire class of people.

"Admiral Tondro will be doing much of the work speaking to their government officials, but we will be taking her there, deep into Devore space. So... I'd like to hear how we're all feeling about this."

Akel was caught between a sense of fear and anger at hearing the Captains imperative about the Devore Imperium. Having read the Voyager files on their encounter he wanted to be the first to respond. “Pardon my bluntness, but has Starfleet lost its mind? Speaking selfishly, I am not too eager to be placed in suspended transport nor be a potential threat to the rest of the crew.”

To control himself he paused for a moment… "I am sure that I speak for all the empathic officers on this ship on both counts. Or are we just getting offloaded before we get to their space?”

"Akel," Autumn replied softly, "No one is going into suspended transport, and no one is getting offloaded. All members of the crew are valuable and trusted, empathic or not. That was my insistence, and Admiral Tondro agreed with me. Besides, there's some latent empathic abilities in a good number of her species as well, as I understand it."

"Plus," a voice came from the doors as they swished open, "they asked us to meet with them in the first place. So if it's a ruse, to imprison a portion of the Starfleet crew, I've got a few other ships on standby outside their borders to come to our aid if it's necessary. Hoping it's not!"

The El-Aurian Admiral of the Task Force sat down at the table, a mug of some hot liquid in her hand. "Thanks for letting me crash your meeting Captain. Now, let's hear it all. The good, the bad, the anxious frustrations, all of it."

Seeing the Admiral enter the room made Akel feel very embarrassed. He was comfortable speaking his mind to his captain but not to others. He couldn’t help but feel supported by the captain’s insistence but still worried about the true intentions of the imperium.

“Thanks for the support and the backup, however, I would hesitate losing so many officers just to rescue a few of us. Not that I am ready or willing to die but the whole idea of the Imperium makes me nervous.”

“To be on the safe side, I would suggest we replicate transporter tracking tags and injecting them into the empathic officers. That way if they try anything, we can beam us back. I could even program the Operations computer to transport automatically.”

"Let's do it," Autumn replied. "I'd like us to take every precaution we can."

"I can get on that," The Bos'n spoke up. There wasn't a bit of nervousness in his voice, despite being well and truly outranked by everyone in the room. He had been around long enough to know he could jump in, though he was sure to keep his tone more official with an admiral around, "And as someone from a species known for our poor treatment of one of our castes... Our leadership would have rather been removed from the Federation than admit wrongdoing." He paused for a moment to cross his arms, "The fact that they opened the dialogue might be a better sign than we give it credit. Though, ours didn't learn their lesson and keep sliding back. So, I tend toward the Lieutenant's cautious attitude, if with a bit more optimism."

"I'm hoping so too," Tondro responded to the man. "I'm hoping it means they're willing to work with us at bare minimum."

"Why did they open up a dialogue?" Fynn asked, foregoing a seat at the table to lean against the windows, arms crossed. "The bulk of Starfleet is half a galaxy away, so it's unlikely they're feeling intimidated by us. And given the frequency of the wormhole, any sort of trade deals would seem unlikely unless they're in desperate need of something very specific that only the Federation can provide. Otherwise, what would drive an Imperium to change, when they don't necessarily have to?"

Dr. Deneel remained silent, but looked inquisitively toward the captain and admiral as he heard Fynn's question. The chief engineer had made a very good observation, and the Bajoran was interested in hearing their answer before giving voice to his own opinions.

"That's the thing Fynn, we really have no idea why they opened the dialogue with us. They reached out through the appropriate diplomatic and administrative channels, and indicated they wished to meet with the Admiral in charge of the Task Force, in regards to our presence in the Quadrant."

"Which sounds menacing, I know," Tondro piggybacked off of the Captain's statement. "But they indicated that they were interested in exactly that. Trade between the Federation and the Devore Imperium, regardless of the fact that it would be once every 91 days. So it really is potentially a great opportunity. Or conversely it could all be a ruse and they want to kidnap and lock up all of our empaths."

"We can only assume that their own technology has advanced on par with our own. Without assistance or a wild card of our own, we could stand toe-to-toe with one of their warships, perhaps two, but any more than that would not be in our favor." The engineer was distracted for a moment as he remotely accessed status reports from engineering. "I have teams rebuilding the two shuttlecraft from the events of last week, but otherwise all shipboard systems are green. If they're looking to 'detain' any of our crew, they'll not find it an easy task."

A curious frown flickered across the medical officer's face.

"This situation, from what I'm hearing," Deneel mentioned, finally adding his own voice to the conversation, "Brings to mind the circumstances that led to the First Khitomer Accords. I can't imagine the Devore would reach out for diplomacy and concoct a massive ruse simply to bring to their space the exact type of lifeform they're so afraid of. That seems like quite an effort on their part, and even the insane have a method to their madness.

"It seems more likely to me that they've found themselves facing a problem that outweighs their xenophobia -- in which case, I think it's best we also prepare for possible casualties, or some kind of surprise pathogen."

"That's an interesting take on the situation, Doctor," Autumn responded. "And one I hadn't thought of. When we're done here can you dig up whatever we have on Devore biology, and start brushing up on it? I'd like us to go in prepared as possible."

Fynn grunted softly from the window. "There is some technical information that the starship Voyager obtained that helped them deal with the Devore, but that information is nearly twenty five years out of date. Better than nothing of course, but unlikely to reveal any current-day weaknesses."

Shras had remained mostly silent, his antenna seemed more interested in the meeting than the Andorian did. They bobbed back and forth, "looking" at whoever was speaking currently, while Shras was staring at his PADD. "I find it interesting that they chose to contact the Federation," he said softly. "Not that I don't believe that we present the best of many options, but there are many options and as Fynn pointed out, the bulk of our forces are half a galaxy away." He shrugged.

"Right," Tondro responded. "It's an evolving situation and...well frankly, also an opportunity we can't afford to pass up. I'm not going to dole out orders, I'm a guest on this ship, and that's not my job. But I would strongly recommend that whatever information is available is made available to everyone."

"Yes," Autumn added. "Knowledge is power, and we need to go into this as powerful as we can. Especially given that we're not going to hide the fact that there are empaths aboard."

"Where are we meeting with them?" Fynn asked, looking out at the stars again. "In their space, or a more neutral territory? It might not change the fact that we're going, but maybe we'll have an idea of how many might be showing up to the party."

"Their space," Autumn responded. "One of their small border outposts. Which does muddy the waters at least a little bit. We'll be going to their space to discuss something with what presumably passes for their diplomatic corps or ambassadorial staff. We suggested Outpost Kumalo, but since it isn't fully operational yet, it's not a great option."

"So that poses another problem," Tondro said through a smirk. "Because we're flaunting our Infinite Diversity in their faces while inside of their space. And don't get me wrong, I've made some pretty ballsy moves in my many years. But I think this might be the one that takes the cake. But again, they asked us to come. They can take us as we are if they're so eager to meet with us, or not at all."

"I'd like everyone to work with their departments, and come up with a strategy for quick escape and/or extraction should the worst happen," Autumn began. "Meanwhile, the Admiral and I will work on...what the hell exactly we're going to say to these people to try not to get them too upset. Dismissed."


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