Star Trek

USS Ganymede



Posted on Tue Nov 26th, 2019 @ 1:05am by Captain Autumn Darby-Holmes

Mission: 1 - Gaharey
Location: Malon Outpost 85-ZJ1
Timeline: MD01 - 1534 HRS

“The Federation has made a good deal here today, Captain. It will take the transport industry some pressure, but the Malon government has been looking at ways to stop the practice of dumping antimatter waste for several years now. With this technology, we might have a good chance at it.”

Captain Autumn Darby-Holmes smiled at the man. Grebtan was an operative working on backchannels so that the Malon Cooperative Government could retain plausible deniability in case negotiations went south. Luckily, thus far they’d gone smoothly.

“We had the technology decades ago, Grebtan,” she replied, maintaining an even tone that was only partially judgmental. “Your government just didn’t want to trade in it with the Voyager. And I can’t blame you, it was one lone ship stuck lightyears from home. But we have a presence here now. And we’re going to do our best to make sure it’s a nice place for everyone.”

Pointing an accusatory finger at the man, she continued through a chuckle, “And that starts with getting your government to stop dumping toxic waste on unsuspecting lifeforms.”

“You’re preaching to the wrong congregation, Captain,” he replied. “I’ve wanted this for as long as we’ve known it was possible. Now we can keep Malon Prime beautiful and make sure everywhere surrounding us is equally as pristine. It’s a win for everyone. Tell me, Captain, I’ve heard the most hilarious rumour from one of my contacts. They’re telling me your Starfleet is planning on making overtures of peace and friendship with the Devore Imperium? What could you possibly hope to accomplish with a race of xenophobes?”

Autumn grinned at the commentary, and replied, “We’re hoping to come to a place of mutual understanding. There have been empaths and telepaths in the Federation for as long as it’s existed. They’re nothing to be feared, and they bring a wealth of experience and value to their crew, just like non-empaths.”

“I wish you much luck and success in your endeavor, Captain. Until we meet again.”

As the man walked off, Autumn couldn’t help but smile softly. The Devore had a reputation in this area of space, even amongst a species that until recently didn’t care who they were harming by dumping antimatter waste into space. She didn’t know what chances of success to expect, but she had a feeling it would be low.

Anemoi to Darby-Holmes.”

She tapped her commbadge, and replied, “I’m here Senin. Is it time?”

”It’s...getting there,” the young male voice replied. ”I don’t want to be a buzz-kill, Autumn, but Admiral Tondro has already been pretty patient while we went off on this little excursion into Malon space, and I imagine that patience isn’t infinite. I’d like to break orbit and head out to retrieve her. Plus, we’re looking at a pretty small window for the wormhole this time.”

“Whatever happened to Senin, the great statesman and rogue?” Autumn asked. “The man who would face down Klingon chancellors and Romulan Prelates alike and never flinch?”

”Well the details are fuzzy, but if I recall correctly, he saved you and your husband’s ass countless times, died a happy old man in bed surrounded by his wife and kids, and he’s now your Chief Pilot. So please hurry the hell up so he doesn’t die of an anxiety aneurysm and make you roll the dice on how terrible the next host could be.”

Autumn couldn’t help but laugh heartily. “Alright I’m on my way. Darby-Holmes out.”