Star Trek

USS Ganymede

Specifications - USS Ganymede


The USS Ganymede is a Luna class Starship dedicated to exploration, scientific discovery, and diplomacy.


Class Luna
Role Heavy Cruiser
Duration 100 years
Time Between Refits 5 years
Time Between Resupply 5 years


Length 454m
Width 204m
Height 80m
Decks 19


Officers 75
Enlisted Crew 275
Civilians 50
Emergency Capacity 650


Cruise Speed 7.5
Maximum Speed 9.975
Emergency Speed 9.99

Weapons & Defensive Systems

Shields MLSS
Weapon Systems 6 x Type XI Phaser Arrays
4 x Forward Torpedo/Probe Launchers
2 x Aft Torpedo/Probe Launchers
Armament 175 photon torpedoes
100 quantum torpedoes

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttlebays 1
Shuttles 1 x Type VI Cargo Shuttle (Auroch)
2 x Type X Shuttlepods (Castor, Pollux)
4 x Type IX Shuttle (Kos, Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes)
1 x Advanced Waverider Class Captain's Yacht (Melpomene)
Runabouts 1 x Arrow Class Runabout (USS Anemoi)