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1 - Gaharey

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The crew of the Ganymede must venture into Devore space for an important peace conference, while trying to uphold their own beliefs, and not cause an incident with this powerful, nearby government.

Start Date Thu Jan 1st, 1970 @ 1:00am

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
Dark before the Dawn
by Commander Fynn Daros
Current Main Engineering
by Captain Autumn Darby-Holmes
MD 02 - 1920 Ready Room - Deck 1
The Minds
by Captain Autumn Darby-Holmes & Commander Chewrath ch'Ghorev & Commander Fynn Daros & Lieutenant Commander Deneel Vochik & Lieutenant Akel Izavid & Senior Chief Petty Officer Eramas Jovan
MD 02 - 1700 Conference Room Astraios - Deck 4
Keeping Count
by Lieutenant Commander Deneel Vochik
MD01 - 1540 HRS USS Ganymede - Sickbay
by Captain Autumn Darby-Holmes
MD01 - 1534 HRS Malon Outpost 85-ZJ1

Mission Summary

The Devore have long been suspicious of telepaths of all variety, and the crew of the Ganymede contains many of them. They must travel through Devore Space to get to an important peace conference with the leaders of the Imperium. But how will they manage that while they are flagrantly violating Devore law by having telepaths and empaths aboard?