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Lieutenant Akel Izavid

Name Akel Izavid

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 5"8
Weight 180
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Akel Is an average height Betazoid male who can quickly get lost in the middle of a crowd. His blue eyes are very striking in when in direct contact with others. He is very fussy about his personal appearance and very rarely appears without his hair short and immaculately groomed. Is skin is amazingly fare and must shave frequently to keep stubble off. Not appearing as strong as he really is, Akel can handle himself in a fight if needed.


Spouse none
Children none
Other Family Father
Idoarrim Izavid

Keestre Izavid

Lwerri Izavid

Personality & Traits

General Overview Akel is a somewhat sarcastic technology expert, organizational expert, and supportive of those he considers friends. Although a full Betazoid, he does not often openly admit it to others. He often finds great comfort working with operational systems as it provides the chance to dive into problems and not focus on the thoughts of others.

Despite his sister and parents objections he is extremely dedicated to starfleet and loves working on starships. He doesn’t talk about his family much as their relationship is still very much a work in progress.
Hobbies & Interests In addition to his love of starfleet technology, Akel has a hobby for all things musical, finding particular interest in mid twenty first century earth show-tunes. Finding those tunes extremely emotional fulfilling he often listens nightly in his quarters at a very loud volume.

In his last post, he has picked up a fascination for strategic games such as earth chess, Risk, and other such games of strategic thinking. Modifying this new interest, he has become an impromptu expert in holodeck development

Personal History DOB: 4/20/2359

Growing up in a traditional Betazoid family Akel had very little secrets Both of his parents were in the medical sciences speciality of Betazoid and made a name for the Izavid family I the medical field using their telepathy and an aid to promote medical breakthroughs. His family growing up hated Starfleet felling as though it was just a savage and warlike group bent on taking over the galaxy.

After a horrible fight with his family, Alek left home, and enrolled in Starfleet academy in part just to piss off his father. Although he wanted a moment is moment of rebellion, he did not go too far away from the family values and enrolled in the medical speciality at the Academy. After 2 weeks in the field he was ready to leave the academy and return home a failure, however after speaking with his sister he stayed and changed his speciality in Starship systems and Operations management.

Upon graduating in 2383, he was assigned to the Space Station Deep Space Nine in the engineering department. He excelled at engineering principles related to the coordination between Federation and Cardassian technology. Although there were a large amount of people on DS9 and it bothered his telepathic sense he loved working on the base.

In 2390 he put in a request for transfer to an active starship and was given a junior operations position on the USS Prometheus. Sense the ship was still experimental there was a minimal crew stationed on the ship. Loving working on a ship as advanced as the Prometheus, Alek was promoted after one year to chief of operations. It was here where he showed a speciality in Federation computer operating systems.

He was transferred to Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards as a computer systems specialist in 2395 and was not too happy with this transfer as it would put him around thousand of people. He almost left Starfleet in the end of 2385, having extreme difficulty dealing with people. After speaking with Starfleet counseling, he learned the skill focusing on the technical to shut out the many people around them.
Service Record Education

Betazoid Basic Education Academy
Medical Training and Certification Program (Betazed Central Government)
Starfleet Academy
- Degrees in Physics, Astrophysics, and Engineering

Service Record

- Admitted to Starfleet Academy (Medical Branch)
- (2 Wks Later) - Transferred to Operations & Engineering
- Graduate with Honors, 2 weeks Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards
- Assigned to Space Station Deep Space Nine
- Deep Space Nine / Ensign, Engineering Division
- Deep Space Nine / Promoted to Lt(jg), Operations department
- Transferred to USS Prometheus -
- Lt(jg) - Night watch operations officer
- Promoted to Lt - Beta Shift Operations Officer
- Transferred to Utopia Plantia Fleet Yards
- Computer Systems Specialist