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Commander Chewrath ch'Ghorev

Name Chewrath Shras ch'Ghorev

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Andorian
Age 48

Physical Appearance

Height 6
Weight 145 lbs.
Hair Color White
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Shras is not quite as tall as the average male Andorian and his frame is slender. His skin is light blue in color (blushes purple) and he has long, silver hair, which he keeps in a tight braid. His antennae are back away from his forehead. Since Shras is a Chan his features are very delicate for a male.


Spouse thaan - Lerth (deceased), zhen - Usti, shen - Serq
Other Family Fathers - chan - Ryrd, thaan - Slonn
Mothers - zhen - Ieno, shen - Yeni

Personality & Traits

General Overview Chewrath Shras ch'Ghorev has what is often referred to as a stiff upper lip. He is very serious, but does put some effort into making himself personable. He is lacking in a sense of humor, not only in its delivery, but also in his comprehension of it. Every now and then he tries, usually with little to no degree of success.

A dedicated officer, Shras is reported to not be shy with his opinions. Unlike other Andorians, his family is not what he talks about and he will avoid the subject altogether, to the point that if pressed he can become angry.

His military and Starfleet backgrounds both lend themselves well to his excellent sense of problem solving. He is very organized and excels at solutions on the fly. He is a chan, so he tends to be more sensitive when it comes to dealing with people, then one of his thaan counterparts might be. He enjoys social events with the crew.

Shras' strengths are his honesty and loyalty. He views duty as something that cannot be compromised and will serve a captain to the point of his overdeveloped sense of loyalty being a weakness as well.

Shras' ambitions are something that he, himself has been struggling with. He is, of course, looking for career advancement and has taken several steps to assure that his career matches his intentions. After being placed in the command seat more then once, Shras has decided that he's comfortable leading. He feels that his military background serves him well for this function.
Hobbies & Interests In his off-time Shras is interested in reading, music, sports and chess. He prides himself on his knowledge of games and claims to know over a hundred different versions of chess. He also enjoys fencing and kharakom, a form of Andorian kickboxing. Even when a holodeck is not available, Shras will still find a way to continue to keep up on his exercise.

He reads a wide variety of material, mostly about the war of other cultures. He listens to Klingon opera, finding it fascinating, much to the chagrin of any roommates he might have.

Personal History Shras was born in Ka'Thela on Andoria and named in honor of Ambassador Shras Endilev, who was an Andorian representative of the United Federation of Planets at the Babel Conference in 2268 (no relation).

Shras' parents were often apart, leading to a varied childhood, in many different locations. This was not wholly unusual for an Andorian child since there are four parents. Two of his family a zhen, Ieno, and a chan, Ryrd, were both members of Starfleet. Ieno was an instructor at Starfleet Academy and Ryrd was involved in Starfleet Command. His other parents were involved heavily in politics on Andoria.

Shras graduated from Starfleet Academy with tactical training. For a long time, tactics, weapons and war were almost an obsession. He learned everything he could, not just about the capabilities of Starfleet vessels, but many other cultures as well. Being a chan he never totally felt comfortable at the forefront of battle, but his grasp of tactics and gift for planning maneuvers could not be denied.

He was married when he was 24 years old, in a traditional Andorian quad. He left Starfleet for ten years in order to start his family, as encouraged by his government. Even at home he could not remain uninvolved and joined the Andorian Home Guard, where he served the entire time he on Andoria.

Shras' career in the Andorian Home Guard ended with the loss of one of his life-mates. The rumor was that the three remaining members decided to go their separate ways. Shras left Andoria and returned to Starfleet when he was 35 years of age, with a newfound dedication and completed the command training. From that point on, Starfleet would become his all consuming focus.

Maintaining his rank from the Andorian Home Guard, Lieutenant Commander Shras was assigned to the USS White Star for his first official position in Starfleet. He served as a Security and Tactical officer. He served aboard the Nova class for a year before a Department Chief position became available that he could jump into.

He was transferred to the USS Normandie, where he served as Chief of Security for three years. Both Captains that he served under gave him excellent marks, citing him for being one of the most dedicated officers that they had served with. The captain of the Normandie had begun the process of recommending him for an Executive Officer position, but Shras had been resistant. He wanted to stay aboard the Normandie.

Starfleet gave him no choice. In 2389 they transferred him into Commanding Officer position aboard the Olympus Base, planet side on Aquarat in the Gavarian Corridor. The Base was eventually turned back over to the Romulans and Shras was reassigned. His time spent on the base was relatively uneventful, but he didn't much like being planet side and found it tedious. He was relieved when it was over.

In 2398, Shras was assigned an Executive Officer position aboard the USS Ride. It was explained to him that his skills in tactics and leadership abilities were needed and he was also reminded that he was to go where Starfleet sent him. Shras, of course, accepted the assignment. Glad to be off the base, he enjoyed his short time on the USS Ride.

Service Record Born 2351 - Ka'Thela, Andoria

2369 - 2375 - Cadet 4 to Lieutenant Junior Grade
Starfleet Academy, Earth

2375 - 2385 - Lieutenant Junior Grade - Lieutenant Commander
Andorian Home Guard

2385 - 2386 - Lieutenant Commander
Security and Tactical Officer, USS White Star (Nova Class)

2386 - 2389 - Lieutenant Commander
Chief Security Officer, USS Normandie (Insignia Class)

2389 - 2398 - Commander
Commanding Officer of the Olympus Base

2398 - 2399 - Commander
Executive Officer, USS Ride (Vesta Class)

2399 - Present - Commander
Executive Officer, USS Ganymede