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Lieutenant Commander Deneel Vochik

Name Deneel Vochik

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 180cm
Weight 72kg
Hair Color Dark Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Deneel Vochik is of moderate height and build for his species, and is physically within the healthy average by humanoid standards. His hair is kept short and is the same dry, sandy color as dead grass. His eyes are expressive and deep-set, a pale blue color. Like most Bajorans, he wears the traditional earring on his right ear, but it is a very simple, non-extravagant design and easy to overlook.


Other Family Father — Deneel Kemen
Mother — Deneel Hanul

Personality & Traits

General Overview Although his personality has its flaws, Deneel Vochik has found a healthy balance between his negative and positive aspects and is confident in the self-ideal he's established. His perspective of the universe is shaped by both his moderate religious beliefs and his experiences as a child, and he approaches most things in life with a mixture of cautious optimism and morbidly-tempered curiosity.

Vochik is quiet-natured and mild-mannered, compassionate and patient with most people, but very driven when it comes to his work and personal interests, being highly detail-oriented and nigh unstoppable when there's work to be done. Needless to say, he isn't much of a casual conversationalist. Although he does have friends and isn't unapproachable, he is most at peace when left alone.

Although he didn't always plan on being a Starfleet officer, Vochik does not regret his career choice and is genuinely proud of what he has accomplished. There are times when he wonders what his current life would be like if he had stayed on Bajor to become a local scientist or doctor, but he does not allow these thoughts to dwell, and keeps the intermittent hypotheticals in the background where they belong.

He only has fleeting memories of the Occupation, but growing up during the Dominion War has left him with a rather dry and nihilistic sense of humor, which has only been augmented by his experience in the medical field. His beliefs are more culturally informed, as opposed to genuine conviction, and both his faith and droll humor are most likely coping mechanisms to help him deal with the way his environment shaped his expectations.

Vochik is hesitant to form close bonds with other people, especially coworkers, but works well within a team. He is a very capable and indefatigable leader, if a bit intimidating, due to his frequent hyperfocus on what needs doing in the moment. He rarely allows others a window into his more emotional side, even when under a great deal of stress, and prefers to handle tough situations himself.
Hobbies & Interests Although bug-keeping is a hobby he would love to pursue more often, his current career has made this very difficult. After all, pets on a starship are a terrible idea to begin with, especially if those pets are driven by nature to expand and colonize. Therefore, he sates this interest by reading scientific literature and daydreaming from time to time about the insect colony he would keep if he could.

He also simply enjoys reading, especially if the material is informative. Learning new things and keeping up with the latest discoveries in his fields of interest is a practice he finds both reassuring and exhilerating. For mindless, recreational entertainment, he prefers the holodeck.

Other hobbies include knife collecting; Vochik has a fairly small but painstakingly upkept collection of knives from various cultures and schools of design, from the Terran kukri to the Klingon tajtIq. He doesn't seek out additions to this collection, but will add to it from time to time if a blade catches his eye.

He also spars, although it should be noted that he is far from an expert. After all, he isn't usually the outwardly aggressive or combative type. Nevertheless, pitting his limited training and personal experience against holographic opponents or fellow officers is an exercise he finds both healthy and therapeutic, as well as informative and, Prophets forbid, potentially useful.

Personal History Deneel Vochik was born during the spring of 2363 on the planet Bajor, six years before the end of the Occupation. His parents were never involved in the Resistance, although like most families, the Deneels had relatives who were. Vochik was instead the son of two factory laborers, Deneel Kemen and Hanul. He doesn't remember much of this period in his life, save that a lot of things happened that a child should never have had to see, and that he and his parents lived in constant fear of reprisal for what the Resistance was fighting to accomplish.

Out of necessity, he was taught to never question his parents' instructions or choices, and to always follow their lead. After all, a disobedient child in such a world was the most likely to get both him and his family in a lot of trouble, even at the age of four or five. He spent a lot of his youth indoors, and was rarely allowed to play outside. He never had any pets; although the local strays seemed friendly enough, resources were much too limited to share with an animal.

After the Occupation ended in 2369, life became much better for the family. Kemen managed to find work at a local farm, and Hanul was finally able to stay at home and be a traditional Bajoran mother. Unfortunately, they were still changed from their own experiences and trauma, and this echoed into their behavior and parenting style after the war.

Vochik was frequently reminded how lucky he was, how grateful he was supposed to be, and how it was his purpose in life to work hard and be successful enough to support his parents once their years caught up to them. Any complaints or criticisms he ever had were quickly silenced by guilt and demands for empathy and respect. After all, they'd kept him alive during a horrible time in history, hadn't they? Raising him had been a choice, a loving sacrifice; it was never something they had to do.

Only a short time later, whispers of threats to the newfound peace began to spread, fear, paranoia and even panic creeping through the local community. Although nothing terrible ever happened to Bajor, a palpable sense of dread still hung over everyone's shoulders, especially as Starfleet began fighting the Dominion War in earnest. There were several nights when young Vochik couldn't sleep, rumors and speculation of what the future might hold if the Federation lost the war racing through his mind, only aggravated by how much he didn't know and couldn't understand.

Although the Dominion War ended in victory, the effect of this experience left Vochik with a lingering skepticism that affected every decision he made from then on, every thought or dream he had. He didn't even realize it at first, as most kids who grew up during the war likely didn't. Sure, there may have been a few papers written about it in psychiatric journals, a few studies done here and there, but for the most part, the whole universe seemed to move on, and all Vochik and others like him could do was try to keep up.

When it came time to settle on a career for his future, Vochik's parents made no secret of what they wanted. As always, they expected their son to stay on Bajor and become a local professional in a respectably lucrative field — a small-town doctor, for instance, a surgeon, or even a veterinarian, as long as it kept him close to home. However, over the years, Vochik had grown to be a bit of a rebellious type, sick of his parents' manipulative, dependent, controlling behavior, and consciously made the decision to pursue a career that would take him as far away from their reach as possible.

The Bajoran's years at the Starfleet Academy seemed to move much faster than anticipated. He found himself not only succeeding, but thriving in this fresh, academic environment. He formed several healthy connections and friendships with his colleagues and peers, some of which still remain to this day. Although not exactly an eye-catching, record-breaking genius or anything, the cadet proved to be a quick and diligent study, passing his final tests with a very respectable grade by 2383.

Vochik initially served aboard a starship on the edge of the Beta Quadrant after graduation. He saw more of the universe during his first few assignments than he had ever dreamed of as a child on Bajor, and grew rather fond of the unpredictable rhythm of life aboard a starship.

After transferring crews once or twice and surviving his fair share of deep-space exploration, excitement, and harrowing misadventures, Lt. Deneel decided to return to Earth to expand his studies into other fields, particularly that of his pet passion, entomology, while completing his doctorate at a terrestrial hospital on the South American continent. He returned to active duty shortly after his promotion to Lieutenant Commander in 2394.

His first assignment after his return was a colonial operation in the Gamma Quadrant as part of a medical and scientific taskforce, helping ensure the successful settlement and well-being of Federation colonists. The crew would visit each colony for several months at a time, running routine tests on the local wildlife, checking the soil for any new developments and studying local pathogens, immunizing and treating colonists affected negatively by the alien environment. The crew would then would pack up and leave to do the same thing again on a different planet for a different set of colonists.

As periodically intriguing as this work was and despite the amount of help he was able to provide, Deneel caught himself slipping into a pattern of predictable monotony, a very noticeable contrast to past assignments. After two and a half years of this type of service, the man decided to finally request a transfer in 2397.

It was at this time that he was assigned the responsibilities of Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Ganymede, a Luna-class starship tasked with exploring the Gradin Belt and reconnecting with the many species and civilizations on the other side of the Barzan Wormhole.