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Senior Chief Petty Officer Eramas Jovan

Name Eramas Jovan

Position Boatswain

Rank Senior Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Ardanan
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 1.75m (5’9’’)
Weight 76kg (165 lbs)
Hair Color Salt and Pepper, previously a dark brown, but he’s let the grays grow out more lately.
Eye Color Dark Brown, with some Hazel spots
Physical Description With most of his life spent in the Fleet, Eramas appears like one would expect. He is not as heavily built as some of his peers in the Operations Division, but is clearly in good shape. His skin is slightly tanned, and beginning to show signs of his age - though it is his hair that gives it away the most. The graying has spread to much of his hair, which is kept a short to medium length, and generally is well styled to keep within Fleet guidelines. He generally keeps facial hair grown, with that mostly retaining his previous dark brown hair color. He tends to be in uniform, and when he is he sticks to the general code set down by the CO of his current posting, as he is expected to set an example. Off duty he tends towards dark clothes and generally wears simple layers of a clean gray shirt, dark jacket, and appropriate pants for whatever he might be getting into.


Spouse Tora Lothir (Ex-Partner), PO1 Sophia Foster (Ex-Partner)
Children Vana Lothir (19), Daughter
Other Family Father: Pallus Jovan
Mother: Adra Jovan (nee Toric)
Sister: Ehsa Jovan
Other: Has large families on both the Jovan and Toric sides, though he is no longer close with any of them.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Eramas is a warm and kind person first and foremost. He’s happy to greet and talk and has a bit of an infectious laugh. His entire drive to join Starfleet was based around wanting to see how others lived and embrace that. This stemmed from a hopeless romanticism and idealism. He genuinely enjoys others and feels that every interaction is a chance at learning about the universe itself through the eyes of another sentient being. He tends to put the wellbeing of others before himself, though. In addition, he sticks true to a live and let live mentality, but will not hesitate to step in when such things begin to falter.

Within the Fleet, he has a reputation for being quite good at his job, whatever it is he sets his mind too. He is a noted jack of all trades, but a master of none. He has done a little bit of everything during his career but has stayed within the Operations Division for the majority of his time. With 20 years in the fleet, though, it makes sense to have picked up quite a few things, making it easy for him to serve in a role like Boatswain.
Hobbies & Interests Eramas is Ardanan and from Stratos at that. He has a natural love for the Arts and grew up in an artists’ family. He is a classically trained musician, specifically trained in vocals and keyboards. He is considered to be at a professional level in both, but rarely does anything ‘professional’ with them.

His family were also well connected in politics. He enjoys a lively debate as much as anything, and tends to keep up to date on political affairs.

He enjoys cold-weather sports and water sports, enjoying a good snowy hike or a kayaking session.

In addition to his normal PT regimen for the Fleet, he also enjoys Yoga and similar meditative exercise routines.

He has a soft spot for really pulpy action or romance holo-novels.

Personal History [2359] - Eramas was born June 12, 2366 (by Earth date) on Ardana to a wealthy family in the capital city of Stratos. Here, he would enjoy a life of luxury. He was well educated and well taken care of, and largely wanted for not. His sister Ehsa was born around his sixth birthday. They were a family of artists and politicians, but unfortunately, they were notably ‘traditional’, indoctrinating their children early to the idea of a caste system and a certain order of things. All the while, the political situation on the planet began to deteriorate.
[2374] - Political turmoil on Ardana became more widespread, with the local government reacting poorly, and fading back to old ways of handling such situations. With some public torture and even executions existing, it wasn’t long before Federation Officers came to the planet to restore peace. It was around this time that Eramas met his first Troglyte, and found himself questioning the roles he had been taught most of his life. He soon joined the ranks of the dissidents, realizing his own personal ideals leaned much more heavily towards those of the Federation than of Ardana.
[2377] - During one protest of the arrest of a high level Troglyte activist, he was arrested as a dissident as well, and charged with inciting a riot. Luckily, his parents were still very well connected and his sentence was rapidly commuted. They believed that he had been led astray, though, and wanted for him to enroll in a prestigious Ardanan Academy of the Arts. He wanted something larger, though, and felt drawn towards Starfleet.
[2378] - His parents agreed that he could apply for Starfleet Academy at the age of eighteen. However, he did not want to follow that path. To him, it was yet another way his parents wanted to push him to be better than others. So, he lied and said he was applying for the Academy, but instead Enlisted. His records had his recruiters even suggesting the Academy, but he had made up his mind. He wanted to Enlist and be one of the rank and file. He thought it would be there where he could do the most good. They agreed, and he shipped out to Camp Whitaker on Aurelia for basic training, along with a small class of Ardanans. One of his peers was Tora Lothir. The two would begin a romantic relationship shortly after their training completed. Both were assigned to the USS Andromeda, a Nebula Class vessel, as an Operations Apprentice and Flight Control Apprentice respectively.
[2380] - A couple of years of service on the Andromeda went by without much of interest. Tora decided against re-upping her enlistment in 2380 after finding out she was pregnant, and their daughter, Vana was born in the winter of that year. Vana and Tora would stay on the Andromeda for another couple of years with Eramas as he was promoted and trained for his Petty Officer’s exam.
[2382] - He was then transferred to the USS Ainu, an Akira class ship on a particularly dangerous border. This was a mandatory tour with no civilian dependents allowed, so his partner and child moved back to Aurelia for the time being, where they would be closer to him when he had a chance for leave.
[2385] - After a full tour on the Ainu, he requested a change to a ship where he could have dependents. This was granted and he was assigned as a Boatswain’s Mate aboard the USS Banting, a Hope Class hospital ship. His partner and daughter rejoined him there and spent the next two years aboard the ship. But ship life did not fit with them well, and in 2387 they returned to Ardana and their partnership was dissolved. Eramas would remain close with both, though, and visited his daughter as often as possible throughout his career.
2389 - To make this a bit easier, he requested a transfer to Starbase 127 near Aurelia. Here he was placed as Master-At-Arms and worked with the station’s security department with some distinction. It was a job he genuinely seemed to enjoy. He also met Sophia Foster, who was the Gunner’s Mate aboard the garrisoned vessel at 127. The two began a romance that lasted a few years. The two were nearly married, but it fell apart catastrophically a few months prior.
2394 As his daughter grew, he was coming around to another required deep space tour and was given the chance to serve as the Chief Boatswain’s Mate aboard the Sovereign Class USS Albion. He served there with distinction until 2399.
Service Record [2378] - Enlisted Training, Camp Whitaker (Aurelia)
[2379] - (CA) Operations Apprentice, USS Andromeda (Nebula Class)
[2381] - (CM) Operations Crewman, USS Andromeda (Nebula Class)
[2382] - (PO3) Damage Control Officer, 3rd Class, USS Ainu (Akira Class)
[2385] - (PO2) Boatswain’s Mate 2nd Class, USS Banting (Hope Class)
[2389] - (PO1) Master-at-Arms 1st Class, Starbase 127 (Starbase)
[2394] - (CPO), Chief Boatswain’s Mate, USS Albion (Sovereign Class)
[2399] - (SCPO), Senior Chief Boatswain and Chief of the Boat, USS Ganymede (Luna Class)