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Commander Fynn Daros

Name Fynn Daros

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Chodai
Age 46

Physical Appearance

Height 2.1 meters (6' 8")
Weight 108 kgs (239 pounds)
Hair Color None
Eye Color Dark, hazy green
Physical Description The Chodai in general are humanoid, with a head on top, two arms and two legs. Their hands each possess two grasping digits and a thumb, while each foot has two long toes. Their skin can vary anywhere in the blue or green color spectrum, and they have numerous plate-like bony growths on their bodies, most notably on the top of the head, the hips and shoulders, which offer a degree of physical protection. The Chodai only evolved beyond their water-breathing ancestry in the last ten millennia, and as such most Chodai still possess inner eyelids, webbed digits, and vestigial gill structures.

A typical example of his people, Fynn eventually grew to just over two meters in height, with skin-tones ranging from grey-blue over the epidermal plates, to pale green. He has four nostrils, two large, dark eyes, and vestigial gill structures around his eyes and upper cheekbones. At twenty seven years of age, Fynn contracted Skarin Syndrome, a Tzenkethi wasting disorder that proved especially virulent against the Chodai. The disorder attacks nerve and muscle tissue, and rapidly leads to death if left unchecked. As established treatments proved ineffective on Chodai physiology, the only recourse was excision of all effected tissues. While this procedure ultimately saved his life, it also left him with only twenty percent of his original body remaining, that primarily being most of his head, spinal column, and vital organs.

As it was likely a genetic anomaly that left him vulnerable to the disorder to start with, the medical consulate opted against attempts to clone new body parts for transplant, but instead grew him a new cyborganic body, piece by piece. While his body shape would remain the same as it had been before infection, most core bones and muscles were replaced by synthetic variants, and both arms and legs were entirely artificial. With extensive rehabilitation and training, Fynn has learned to function almost as naturally as his old body, and has been fully trained on the maintenance requirements and upkeep required. Generally speaking, Fynn retains a 'normal' appearance, though due to his nature, his limbs can be modified or replaced, and his time serving aboard the USS Thunderhead sometimes saw him wearing entirely different limbs than normal. This was sometimes as an experiment, to improve efficiency at a particular task, or sometimes on a 'dare' from his shipmates. His department head in particular took a particular interest in designing new prosthesis' for the Chodai to 'try on for size'.


Spouse None
Children None
Other Family Father: Daros Pacten
Mother: Tourai Arisenex
Brothers: Stanin Daros
Crawfel Daros
Sister: Firae Tourai

Personality & Traits

General Overview Fynn has always been passionate and driven, and overcoming his medical adversities a decade ago have done nothing to dampen his spirit (though, it has perhaps taught him to be a little more cautious in alien environments).

To strangers he remain aloof; courteous but professional, and can sometimes be mistaken as arrogant. Once he gets to know someone however, the shields begin to come down, and he can relax and be less formal.
Hobbies & Interests While highly intelligent (as most officers usually are to get through years of technical training, Starfleet Academy, and assignments aboard deep space vessels), Fynn also sees himself as having an affinity for the technology around him, and often attributes feelings, moods or other anthropomorphizms to devices or systems that are incapable of experiencing it. This makes him an excellent engineer, sometimes giving him insights that others may not have, but those feelings can also be problematic for him, especially in regards to frontline equipment that will likely see combat damage, or equipment of a 'disposable' nature (probes, etc.) as he often has a tendency to become 'attached'.

His largely synthetic nature has also made Fynn rather defensive among those he does not know, especially regarding any comparisons to the Borg.

Fynn's original ambition was to become the primary engineer aboard a space station, and being responsible not only for the upkeep and well being of the station itself, but of the ships and vessels that would use the station as a port of call. However, in his training prior to joining Starfleet academy, Fynn began to appreciate the often unique challenges that Starships on the frontier had to face and overcome, and it soon began to appeal more than a stationary posting above a single planet.

Technology is Fynn's career, as well as his hobby, and he often tries to perform modifications to aspects of his own body in order to improve functionality or performance. This does not always work out, and on occasion has required him to seek help from another engineer in order to correct an issue that he could not fix himself.

Food is another of his interests, largely because his own sense of taste was one of the few senses not impacted by his bout with Skarin Syndrome. While only a modest cook himself, he nonetheless has an appreciation for hand-crafted cuisine when he encounters it.

In addition to food, Fynn likes to collect samples of wines and spirits from other cultures and worlds, and at last count had non-replicated bottles from over sixteen different worlds.

Personal History Racial History:

The Chodai are a relatively young race when compared with other spacefaring civilizations, including humanity, yet their level of technology in many areas is quite advanced. The reason for their unusual progress was due to the existence of advanced ruins present on their homeworld, whose origins were eventually traced back to the Tkon Empire that died out more than half a million years ago. As their society evolved and advanced, elements of the remaining technology were studied and reverse-engineered, giving the world a significant technological boost. Historians have surmised that only the absence of any sort of weapons in the ruins found, spared the Chodai from advancing too quickly, and destroying themselves.

Manned spaceflight has been a reality for over three hundred years, allowing the Chodai to expand to multiple planets in their own system, and establish settlements in three other neighboring star systems. It was one of the neighboring settlements that made first contact with Starfleet, leading to their becoming a member of the Federation nearly one hundred years ago. At present, their spacefaring technology is on par with that of Starfleet, though they lack the resources to construct a fleet of significant size.

While advancements derived from studying Tkon technology have had a measurable impact on nearly all aspects of Chodai society, it was the scientific and medical fields that especially benefited, in addition to the study of efficient and compact power generation. This has made them one of the industry leaders in the research and development of new science and sensor technologies for Starfleet.
Service Record 2368 - 2375: Enlisted at the Prothean Technical College at age fifteen located on Chodar Prime.

2375 - 2379: Enrolled in Starfleet Academy

2379: Promoted to Ensign

2379 - 2380: Assigned to maintenance and refit duties at the Federation Fleet Museum

2380 - 2381: Placed on Medical leave after contracting a near-fatal case of Skarin Syndrome. Rehabilitation followed over the following year.

2381 - 2383: Assigned light duty aboard Starbase 1 above Earth. Frequent evaluations were performed through this time until Starfleet Medical was satisfied that Fynn was cleared for unrestricted duty.

2383: Promoted to Lieutenant

2383 - 2384: Assigned to the USS StarWind as an engineering officer. Soon after arriving onboard, he took part in Project: Plenary, a research initiative into experimental deflector shield technology. After six months without significant progress, the initiative was deprioritized, and eventually shelved.

2384 - 2385: While serving aboard the USS StarWind, Fynn was placed on probation following a failure in the antimatter containment system during his watch, that cost three lives, and severely damaged the ship. The investigation continued over two months before it was finally determined that it was an undetected system failure that resulted in the breach, rather than officer error. All charges were dropped, and Fynn was restored to full active duty, though due to lingering resentment among some of those who knew the deceased, a request for a transfer was approved.

2385 - 2389: Assigned to the USS Thunderhead as Assistant Chief Engineering Officer on a four year deep space assignment in the Beta Quadrant.

2389: Promoted to Lieutenant-Commander

2389 - 2392: Assigned to the recently commissioned USS Ride as Chief Engineering Officer. During their first assignment deep in Dominion territory, Fynn had the opportunity to access recovered data from a Borg sphere. believing the data would help revive Project: Plenary from his time aboard the StarWind, Fynn attempted to incorporate the new data into the previous research. While positive results were achieved, it was not the level of success that he believed Project: Plenary was capable of, and he continued to further the research on his own time.

2392 - 2397: On his own request, Fynn received a transfer to the R&D department aboard Starbase 110, choosing to step back from frontier exploration in order to devote his energies to refining Project: Plenary.

2397: Having pushed his research as far as he believed he could take it in a laboratory setting, Fynn requested a transfer back to the USS Ride, but was denied as the starship was on assignment deep in the frontier.

2397 - 2398: When an offer to become chief engineer of the USS Ganymede was put forth, Fynn readily accepted the transfer.

2398: Promoted to full Commander

2398 - 2399: Fynn continues to serve aboard the USS Ganymede as chief engineering officer.